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Corporate Work
Title: Innovation Day
Client: Swisscom

Swisscom Hospitality Services asked us to document their 'Innovation Day' held at Mercedes-Benz World Weybridge, London. Against a backdrop of beautiful cars (and the skid track!) we filmed testimonials from key clients of their integrated technology solutions.

Title: Level Bust
Client: Eurocontrol/Helios

A short training video using dramatic reconstruction to explain the risk of 'Level Bust', where an aircraft deviates from it's assigned altitude. Shot on location at Oxford International Airport!

Title: Level Or Bust
Client: Eurocontrol/Helios

A 'viral' video to promote the SKYbrary website which makes use of ta popular gameshow format. Part of a package to increase awareness in the aviation community to the problem of 'Level Bust', where an aircraft deviates from it's assigned altitude.

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Title: Safety Nets
Client: Eurocontrol/Helios

Six short videos filmed in Berlin at the SPIN conference designed to explore possible problems and solutions in the instrumentation of a series of technologies known as 'Safety Nets', which provide air traffic controllers with a last line of defence against flight hazards.

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Title: Land or Hold
Client: Eurocontrol/Helios

A short viral video to promote the website. The contestants are pilots waiting to land. If they get their questions wrong, they face a frustrating penalty!

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Title: Call Sign Confusion
Client: Eurocontrol/Helios

Using dramatic reconstruction, this video highlights the aviation safety issues caused by air traffic controllers mixing up similar call signs.

Title: Loss of Communication
Client: Eurocontrol/Helios

Using dramatic reconstruction, this video highlights the aviation safety issues caused by air traffic controllers losing communication with aircraft.

Title: Consular Duty Officer
Client: The Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Using dramatic reconstruction, this video demonstrates the roles and responsibilities of a Consular Duty Officer.

Title: 123 St. Vincent
Client: Electric Drawing Board

This short video promotes the redevelopment of this central Glasgow office space. Using client-supplied 3D animation, we added library footage and illustrative graphics to bring the building to life.

Broadcast Work
Title: Raiders of the Lost Past (2012)
Client: WMR for Yesterday

Alistair Kerr edited three episodes: The Missing Eighth Wonder of the World, The Book of Thoth and The True Cross. First Light Video Provided motion graphics for those episodes.
Title: Narrow Escapes of World War II (2011)
Client: WMR

Alistair Kerr edited three episodes: The Doolittle Raid, Manstein Holds the Line and Evacuation in the Baltic. First Light Video Provided motion graphics including maps and technical diagrams. Alistair also did a bit of additional camera when filming the dramatic reconstructions.
Title: The Science of Crime (2010)
Client: WMR

This series explores the history of forensic science. Alistair Kerr was offline editor for three 1hr episodes as well as creating graphics and filming reconstruction material. Graham Skene provided additional camerawork.
Title: Amnesia
Client: Cordelia Swann/C4 Animate

Inspired by the unlikely plots of afternoon TV and Hitchcock's Rebecca, Amnesia opens with our heroine discovering that her husband is Pierce Brosnan who gives her a mobile phone so that she will remember her past. First Light Video provided online editing.
Title: Moonwalk One
Client: Discovery Channel

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, Discovery aquired Theo Kamecke's extraordinary film 'Moonwalk One' to show as part of their celebrations.
Title: Top 20 Discovery
Client: Discovery Channel

To celebrate Discovery's 20th anniversary, Robert Llewellyn took a trip down memory lane to enjoy some of the viewers' all time favourite Discovery shows of the past two decades
Title: Discovery Today Preview
Client: Discovery Channel

Weekly preview show, 64 x half hours.
Title: Robots Revenge
Client: Discovery Channel

This series followed several teams as they built fighting robots and pitched them against each other in the arena of combat.
Title: Sea to Source
Client: LWT

This six part series followed presenter Nick Clark as he explored the length of the River Thames, meeting characters and telling the stories of the river.
First Light Video has provided many hundreds of hours of re-versioning and compliance editing to Discovery as well as producing title sequences and training many of their producers to use Avid.
First Light Video provided re-versioning and compliance editing to BET UK at the time of its launch.
Documentary Work
Title: A Wave of Solidarity
Client: Parachute Pictures

Following the devastating 2004 Christmas day tsunami that destroyed much of Banda Aceh, Indonesia, this film celebrates the work of Education International who built and equipped 25 new schools in the stricken area.

Title: Abandoned, Not Forgotten
Client: Parachute Pictures

Escaping brutal working conditions and even murder at sea, an estimated 1200 Burmese migrant fishermen have found exile and sanctuary on a remote South Pacific isle.

Official Jury's Selection, Best Labour Film Short, 2009 Geneva Labour Film Festival.

Title: The Assassination of Pedro Zamora
Client: Parachute Pictures

An investigation into the brutal murder of a leading Guatemalan trade union leader. Zamora, at the centre of a labour dispute at the Pacific port of Puerto Quetzal, was ambushed by a government-sponsored death-squad and shot in front of his children. Screened at the Milano Film Festival.

Title: Highway of Hope
Client: Parachute Pictures

This film examines the deadly transmission of HIV/AIDS along East Africa's key transport corridor which runs from Uganda, southern Sudan and the Great Lakes region to the Kenyan port of Mombasa.

Title: Tackling the Challenge
Client: Foreign & Commonwealth Office

This film examines the evidence for anthropomorphic global warming and climate change, and how it will impact on global trade, security and the plight of those most likely to be threatened by it.

Title: Young, British and Muslim
Client: Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Exploring what it means to be young, British and Muslim, the film examines the history of Islam in the United Kingdom and talks to a group of Muslim teenagers from Bradford who share their experiences of their identity in modern Britain.

Title: The Foreign Office, Past and Present
Client: Foreign & Commonwealth Office

A look at the amazing history of the Foreign Office, from it's origins in a ramshackle building to the vast Victorian edifice it currently inhabits. Featuring interviews with past Foreign Secretaries and dramatic reconstruction of the historic moments it has seen.

Title: TVE 'Life' Series
Client: TVE (Television for the Environment)

Five half-hour programmes for this long running series. 'Return to Srebrenica', 'Blue Danube?', 'Srebrenica - Looking for Justice', 'For Richer, for Poorer' and 'Donor Circus'.

Film Work
Title: Seven Africans
Client: Tes Noah Asfaw/Self Help Productions

Our first feature film, Seven Africans is a tale of corruption and betrayal at the highest level of global business.

First Light Video provided off-line on Avid, Online, grade, graphics and effects using FCP, Color and After Effects.

Title: The Spy
Client: Lauren Simpson Green/Bluebeard Pictures

A short and spooky film about a young woman who becomes obsessed with her elderly neighbour.

First Light Video provided off-line, online, grade, graphics and effects using FCP, Color and After Effects.

Title: The Time Travellers of 1908
Client: Martin Pickles

An extraordinary tale of time travel, filmed on a hand-cranked camera from the time of the Crimean war on vintage film stock.

First Light Video provided off-line, online, grade, graphics and effects using FCP, Color and After Effects.

Title: All Ova Again
Client: Max Jacobson-Gonzalez

Frustrated by her wayward son, a mother is forced to confront the bizzare possibility of bringing him up a second time.

Title: Glottis
Client: John Hardwick

Set in a supermarket after hours, this short film tells the story of two shelf-stackers confronting an irritating personal problem.

Art Work

Artist: Cordelia Swann

Projects include 'Tinsel', 'Amnesia' and 'Deliria'. The latter was screened on Channel4 as part of their Animate season

Artist: Anne Tallentire

Projects include 'This and Other Things', a major retrospective of Anne's work at the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

Artist: Mat Collishaw

Projects include 'Lady of Shallot', 'Mosaics', 'Barberossa', 'Shakin' Jesus' and 'Shrunken Heads'

Music Work
Title: The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain - Live at The Barbican
Client: UOGB

This DVD includes a dozen tracks performed live.

Title: Pubfight
Client: ASBO/Bottle Records

Music Video

Title: Cheeseburger Live
Client: Cheeseburger

Possibly the greatest alt-country band in the world performing live at the Hoxton Bar.

Title: Pop Promos

Client: Various
Going even further back in time, Alistair Kerr edited various pop promos between 1993 and 1996 including a couple of early Feeder promos and one for Jesus Jones.

Web Work

Title: Novotel Elements
Client: VCL Video/Novotel

This interactive online training resource was built using Flash.

Title: Leisure Vouchers
Client: VCL Video/Leisure Vouchers

This interactive CDROM was built using Flash.

Title: Basics of Good Service
Client: VCL Video/IBIS

A training CDROM built in Flash.

Title: GML Architects Website
Client: GML Architects

GML wanted a clean-looking Flash based web site to showcase their work.

Title: S'Graffiti Website
Client: S'Graffiti

Built in Flash, this website provides a wealth of information about the picture framing business for this London-based framing company.

Title: First Light Video Website
Client: Ourselves!

We build and maintain our own website, which we also use to host our client's works-in-progress, enabling them to provide feedback on our progress wherever they are.

Graphics Work
Title: Architects on the Frontline
Client: OFP Film & TV/BBC World

Tile sequence and stings for three programmes examining the work of the finalists in the prestigious Aga Khan awards.

Title: Moving On
Client: Diesel Films/Hounslow Council

Tile sequence and stings for informational video.

Title: How It's Made - Home Edition
Client: Discovery

This project was a reversion of an existing title sequence. We've done this many times for Discovery for programmes such as 'Scrapheap Challenge' and 'Hot Guide to Cool Living'.

Title: Weapons of Combat
Client: Discovery

Title sequence and Stings for series about weapons.

Title: Fishing Heaven, Fishing Hell
Client: Diesel Films/Discovery

Title sequence and Stings for fishing series.